Saturday, May 29, 2010

turning into my parents?

So, I have to admit... being a new mom has really been kicking my a** the last few months... But, now my little darling is 6 months old and I am learning how to better function on pure exhaustion and a boat load of coffee. So, with that said - my hiatus is over and I hope to be posting here with a lot more frequency.

Today we are headed up to north to see if we can find a little piece of peace for our weekends. A cabin, a house, heck - even a patch of grass for these crazy dogs to run around in would be helpful at this point. I think it's kind of funny that the child of two serious hippies - and people, I mean serious - is looking to find a home in Woodstock. I guess no matter how hard you try to not turn out like your parents - you just can't help it. So, as a little tribute to my hippie mom, here we are in 1979 in Humbolt County, CA... peace!

1 comment:

  1. yes, Woodstock!

    I need a piece of peace