Saturday, May 29, 2010

turning into my parents?

So, I have to admit... being a new mom has really been kicking my a** the last few months... But, now my little darling is 6 months old and I am learning how to better function on pure exhaustion and a boat load of coffee. So, with that said - my hiatus is over and I hope to be posting here with a lot more frequency.

Today we are headed up to north to see if we can find a little piece of peace for our weekends. A cabin, a house, heck - even a patch of grass for these crazy dogs to run around in would be helpful at this point. I think it's kind of funny that the child of two serious hippies - and people, I mean serious - is looking to find a home in Woodstock. I guess no matter how hard you try to not turn out like your parents - you just can't help it. So, as a little tribute to my hippie mom, here we are in 1979 in Humbolt County, CA... peace!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Missing Kath & Kim...

While walking across the Brooklyn Bridge the other day I saw this guy talking on his bluetooth...

...and it made me miss that show Kath & Kim. I know he is most known for Best in Show (a fantastic way to occupy your time) but I just loved that quirky show with it's 80's outfits, over the top comedy and especially for ending each episode drinking chardonnay in their back yard.

So tired!

I've been so tired these days, just the sight of this bedroom makes me want to catch some zzz's for the next week, especially with that fur blanket! I love all of the little details of this room that make me think it could totally go in my house. The image of the ocean above the bed, the hippie yet posh lamp on the bedside table, the floral thing hanging over the sitting area (do you think that is a light fixture?) and the worn and torn messenger bag thrown on the bench... just love it!

*kate walsh's bedroom as featured in instyle