Friday, October 16, 2009

random supermodel sighting...

While walking down the block to my local Starbucks I crossed paths with Shalom Harlow. The funny thing is her awesome boots are what caught my eye, not her looks - actually she was looking pretty haggard... Here she is all glammed up:

And this guy from Make Me a Supermodel on Bravo! Hellooooooooooo! We saw him at our favorite dive bar a while back and again on the train the other day. The best part of seeing him was that my friends and I seriously thought we knew him, like he was a friend from college or something (yes ladies - the men at UCSB are this good looking!) so we went up to him and asked, "Hi - do I know you from somewhere?" Like a totally lame pick-up line... HA!!!

And finally, another Make Me a Supermodeler spotted. This super SKINNY BINNY was in Herald Square the other day... She was super loud and annoying on her cell phone.

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